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2015 TOUR                                                                                                                                                               

Expressions of interest are now called for, to ascertain the viability of numbers for the 2015 Tour to Noumea. The 9 day Tour is from 9-17 July 2015 but we require numbers (Expressions of Interest only) by 30th July 2014.  Tour Brochure

2014 TOURS

Posted 28 September, 2013
Our French Immersion Tour for 2014  is to Tahiti. Expressions of Interest are currently being sought. For all details click on Tahiti Brochure 2014 and Tahiti Costings 2014

2012 TOURS

FRANCE Cycling Tour          
Full Itinerary of Tour
Review of Tour : Adrienne

2011 TOURS

NEW CALEDONIA               
Report on Tour : Geoff Galagher









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